July 2001~ Vol 2

Fireflies by Sara Wadington

The Summer of '69 by Pete Justus

An Act of contrition by Chris Ingham

A summer to Remember by Kaila Chan

Hawaiian Style chicken and rice by Eddy Robey

First Date by Sharmagne Leland-St John

Flutter by Marc Power

Billy by William Brownson

Wahini by Sharmagne Leland-St John

No Firefly Summer by Sharmagne Leland - St John

First Dance & Other Poems by Lori Williams

Echoes of Myself by Susan Stallings Dobson

A Sonnet for Sylvia Plath by Chris Ingham

An Upright Man by Jayne Lester Sergent

Grab a TAB and a Smile! by Dave Legates

Summer Wind by Brad Fralick

A Secret From My Garden by Sharmagne Leland - St John

Pain by Karyn Hughes Briggs

Life by Phyllis Snook

I Sing you the Morning by Sharmagne Leland - St john

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