Our Guest Poet's early love for Chinese Love Lyrics shows in
Three Guesses
by Elisabeth Hallett



Darrell takes our February Challenge with his submission of
Across The Vineyard To The Bay 
a triolet in iambic tetrameter
by DW Stevenson



Just as we were beginning to despair, Deborah responds to our February
Challenge with two triolets!
Song Of A Dying Heart
Fly Like Angels
by Deborah Russell

In a world turned upside-down since 9/11, Henry searches for answers he
cannot find in bombs, feeling lost, raising even more questions that
haunt him in a blur of
Flames and Shadows
by Henry Howard



Memories of childhood summers spent on the shore at Provincetown Harbor, MA
Waiting For High Tide
by M. Kathryn Black



A lullaby, when sung to the tune of "Hush Little Baby", becomes a haunting
A Calico Apron
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John



Sara leads us into a  free-form, meditative space,
By Sara Wadington




When the Light of Truth is shut out, only crumbling, meaningless verse
dribbles from the Poet's pen
Slice Of Time
by Deborah Russel



Quiet Seagull shares a childhood memory with
The Government Won't Wait



This is the second part to "Strained Class Windows." It was published
in an anthology titled: MOM in 1998. It is a tribute to my parent's, but
mostly my Mother. Reading it again has opened wounds that I thought had
started to heal. However, we both know the non-stop suffering that is taking
place while every other race gets a place at the table. If we don't put our
history in written form we are going to fade from existence. I won't allow
that. It's why 99.9% of my work is non-fiction.
Columbus Day Revisited
by Judith K. Witherow

Holiday recipes and household tips from Eddy Robey
Hamantaschen for Purim(DAIRY)
Currant Scones for St Patricks Day



Graphics by Sara Wadington

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