At The End Of The Day


"Mama's rose-covered Mexican shawl"
How Do You Measure Love?
by Sharon Auberle

"I knew there would never be another valentine"
Paper Heart
by Sharon Auberle

"Not dancing shoes or diamond rings"
by Sharon Auberle


"The scent of apple dumplings"
Night Train
by Wilda Morris

"Her hair, lush and brown"
Mid-Day Tea, 1944
by Michael Escoubas

"A butterfly not ready to land"
by Wilda Morris

"I remember the chapel piano"
Fifth Birth 
by Kate Kingston

"You must have faith"
Mama's Beads
by Candace Turner

"Chocolate chips still molten"
Sweetness (A Childhood Lesson)
by Nancy L. Staszak

"You can be a princess and a pirate"
Said the Single Woman to Her Swollen Belly
by Katie Manning

"A bridesmaid, not a bride"
by Liane Kupferberg Carter

"Her flowerbeds brimmed with blossoms"
She Planted Flowers
by Maralee Gerke

"Dawn flutters pink peony"
Annika Waking
by Nancy Bailey Miller

"The swans have flown away"
by Caroline Johnson

"Flocks of birds lifting from water"
The Other Mothers 
by K.B. Kincer

"Hiding places in wooden boxes"
Each time I visit my Mother
by Susan B. Auld

"Bluebells and buttercups"
Springtime Messengers
by Annie Jenkin

"She looks inward at her dreams"
The Painter and the Poet
by Debbi Brody

"Beneath the surface"
by Sheryl Lain

"From Wuhan to Milan the breezes blow"
The space that binds us
by Deenaz Coachbuilder


"The glamour of her yacht club friends" 
Mother’s Palette Knife 
by Nancy Bailey Miller

White Sands

"Buds and blossoms to make a bouquet"
Dilly's Quilt
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

"Hungry to gaze at life’s colors"
Smiling Quilt
by Ambika Talwar

"A yellow sundress, fresh-cut daffodils"
Triptych in Color
by Caroline Johnson

"I long for my mother, on loan from somewhere else"
Discovering My Mother in a Painting by Mary Cassatt 
by Mary Jo Balistreri


Avenafatua Press
Blue Tin Sky
Reviewed by Michael Escoubas 

Publisher: Shabda Press
Sunland Park
Reviewed by Neil Leadbeater

Point Taken

Norton Brook Publishing
The Old Farm on the Hill
(An Imagined Maine History)

Photos and Poems by Joseph Duclos

Funky Adobe Town

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this refreshing elixir
Cinco de Mayo Punch
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John

No yeast in this recipe, so prep time is quick. You don’t even need a mixer!
It makes its own unique swirl as it bakes.
Easy Cinnamon Roll Bread
from the kitchen of Trudy Escoubas

A perfect Cinco de Mayo salad reflecting the red, white and green of the Mexican & Italian flags
Spicy Panzanella
from the Tuscan kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Light luncheon fare for those hot pre-summer days
Chicken and Egg Meat Balls 
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St.John


Debbie Schulze

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