Misty Afternoon ~ Yarkon River ~ Tel Aviv, Israel


"Eucalyptus rooted into the tough"
I came to join the women
by Rochelle Mass

"Fog, lifted by the wind shoulders the mountain"
by Rochelle Mass

"I watch evening stagger over Jenin"
From my kitchen window
by Rochelle Mass

"I learned to be tough there"
In the Beginning
by Rochelle Mass

Twilight at the Yarkon River, Israel

"Their children gathered to them like quail chicks"
Ghost Fires
by Ed Bennett

"As one, they stand"
A hundred or so gulls
by Lenora Rain-Lee Good

"The purple asters have lost their leaves"
It's Changing
by Caroline Johnson

"Seagulls squall, undeceived by the early gloom"
The sun ignites my soul
by Deenaz P. Coachbuilder

"Thousands died not a shot fired"
Another False god
by Gerald A. McBreen

Church of the Twelve Apostles ~ Sea of Galilee, Israel

Our September poetry prompt was to
write a poem using all of these words:



"The one I hoped to marry stopped visiting"
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

"Swallows dive for insects near the river"
Tuesday in Richland

by Jim Thielman

"A mantra repeated in garden-solitude"
A Song's Lament
by Jane Lang

"A yellow serenade of flowers"
Morning Welcome
by Mark Fleisher

"Yellow wind"
by Ann Thornfield-Long

"Birdsong filled Grandma’s house"
Grandma’s Iris Garden
by Lenora Rain-Lee Good

"I heard the wind, then, as I hear it now"
The Garden 
by Michael Escoubas

"I lay back, breathing in fragrant air"
A Solution Emerges
by Gail Denham

"Wind chimes jingle"
Tea Party
by Candace Turner

“The willow tree whispers”
by Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg 

“A yellow canary casting birdsong“
The Yellow Canary 
by Jim Bumgarner

"Tall pin oak trees gently swaying"
A Change of Seasons
by John C. Mannone

"Faint scent of cherry trees about to bloom"
Story from the Blue Ridges 
by Mary Jo Balistreri

The Roman Theatre of Caesarea ~ Caesarea, Israel

"We were as soaring birds"
Peach Ice Cream
by Kay D. Weeks

On the Beach ~ Nahariya, Western Galilee, Israel

"Tinkle of the ice cream truck"
2 Haiku
by Charlotte Digregorio

The Old City ~ Jerusalem, Israel

“I remember their faces and names”
by Charlotte Digregorio

Sunrise at the lowest place on earth ~ The Dead Sea, Israel

Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing
by Charlotte Digregorio
Reviewed by Michael Escoubas

A Second Whisper
by Lynne Hjelmgaard
Reviewed by Neil Leadbeater

Curtain of Rain ~ Tel Aviv, Israel

Publisher: Kelsay Books
Late Night Talk Show Fantasy & Other Poems
by Jennifer Dotson

Mount Zion ~ Jerusalem, Israel

Jonesin' for the taste of a cassoulet but no time to make one
Faux Cassoulet
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John

One of the best known Sicilian dishes
Pasta Alla Norma
from the kitchen of Nicoletta LaMarca Sacco

Tantalisingly delicious!
Mama Melina's Spicy Tomato Sauce
from the kitchen of Nicoletta LaMarca Sacco

Promised Land ~ Judaean Desert, Israel

Noam Chen


Nimrod Fortress ~ Golan Heights, Israel


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A Symphony by Nature ~ The Sea of Galilee, Israel


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