"your promises are riddling my dreams"
Beached Here
(First Summer Apart)
by Andrena Zawinski




"reminiscent of ocean waves
pounding against a distant shore"
On the Riverboat That Day
by Sharmagne Lealand-St. John




"Your hair, a white river flowing"
Red Sky in the Morning

by Lyn Lifshin


"Beside olive groves"
Orchard Dreams
by Deborah Russell


"To sway to guedra drums with blue blossoms in my hair"
Blossoms In My Hair
by Deborah Russell



"Where people wanted to listen but never come back."
Allan Ginsberg's typewriter
by Jim Bennett




"And sorrow drains the heart of every beast"
Queen of Mysteries

by Marc Power



Calling All Kids
Special Children's issue for our readers and subscribers to share with their
children and grand children who may be visiting this summer.


This is one of my favourite pastas to serve while dining outside on a hot summer evening. It is also good served in between courses.

Linguini with Lemon Sauce

from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John


Easy to make, hard to forget.  This is an interesting cheese to serve on wheat biscuits or thin ginger snaps at tea time or with a chilled chardonnay.  Enjoy it now while the cherries are ripe and fresh.
Cherry-Walnut Fromage
from the gourmet kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John



Graphics by Sara Wadington

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