"I heard a lady I did not know as she spoke"
The Sign at the End of the Road
Inventory 1953

by Jim Bennett





"She whispered in his ear"
By the River
by Tom Roberdeau



"Wind that blows off the Pacific"
Bound to Go On

by David Matthews



"Quietly, they dust the earth"
As Darkness Falls
by Deborah Russell






"There's a wind out on the ocean"
Wind Song
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John







"I still feel his eyes on me, but now Iím certain Iím imagining the sensation."
The Blue Room

by TuesdayGirl






The Blossoms of the Night-Blooming Cereus
by Ursula T. Gibson
Review by:  Aurora Antonovic



Finger licking good.
Southern Baked Chicken
from the kitchen of Allesha Coleman



A spicy and wonderfully easy side dish to make.
Texas Style Corn
from the kitchen of Aleesha Coleman



Don't be turned off by the word "okra!"  When pickled and added to
black eyed peas they are a delight!
Black Eyed Peas with Okra Pickles and Red Peppers
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John



Texas style cabbage with a spicy smoked flavour"
Steamed Savoy Cabbage
from the kitchen of Allesha Coleman



Make your own special seasoning to keep on hand!
Spiced Salt
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John


             Graphics by Sara Wadington     

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