March 2002 issue, Vol. 9
Our March Issue arrives celebrating Spring and offering a new Quill and Parchment Challenge.  We will be having an Open House this Month so bring all your friends and family to enjoy your poetry and writing over the past 10 months.
User id will be: March --- Password will be: Strawberry
We welcome Sara our new programmer, and thank Janet for all her hard work in the past in making our dream come true. We wish her well in all her efforts.
At long last we announce the winners for the Two Voice Dialogue Challenge
The Envelope Please!
A new poem from our love poet Marc Power written especially for Q and P
I Sing Dragonfly
Marc Power

A poem about love and lust in London and what one does to pass the time
between lunch and dinner! 
Monday Matineé
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John


Barton while battling a poet's demons found a peace in his heart and a
quietness in his soul
In These Rooms
by Barton


Ever faithful contributor Chris Ingham returns with
For Juliet
by Chris Ingham


In January Chris Ingham and Janet Leister joined forces with the start of a
series of poems as letters. We offer you the latest from their pens
My Lover . . . Porphyria.
by Chris Ingham 
Porphyria's Reply 
by Janet Leister

A chance meeting and a sharing of visions between poet Kevyn Clark and
Chiapas Mexico Poet Laureate Efrain' Bartolome'
a poem for Efrain Bartolomé
by Kevyn Clark  


We received this very thoughtful e mail greeting on Valentine's Day.  Too 
late for our February issue but a very welcome addition to March! Hanley is a
regular writer on Author's Den.
Crystal Dreams
by Hanley "Doc" Harding


This poem is more a reflection on love than a Valentine's poem.  By new
subscriber Pam Johnson 
To Fill A Space
by Pam Johnson


Loretta Love  Huff  in her first contribution reflects on Marriage
Marriage Has Caused Me To Be  
by Loretta Love  Huff


Join Deborah Russell on her magical "paradise found"

Among the Pine and Berries
by Deborah Russell

Just in time for Spring Sharmagne (Walks Far Woman) shares her recipe for
Chinook Salmon Mousse
and to go with it her recipe for 
Dutch Dill Casserole Bread
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St.John



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