Congratulations to the Quill and Parchment Pushcart Prize Nominees for 2019:

Maple Lake: A Sestina by Caroline Johnson (January issue)
To the Moon on the Subject of Darkness by Lois P. Jones (April issue)
To A Child In The Garden by Hanna Nguyen (May issue)
Bruna Vieira gathers flowers by Sharmagne Leland-St. John (May issue)
How It All Began: The Killing Fields by Connie K Walle (September issue)
City of Ghosts by Henry Howard (November issue)

The 1st Runners-Up Are:

All That Glitters is Not by Ellaraine Lockie (January)
The Eighth Day by Carol DeCanio Abeles (May)
Valentina Vezzalli: In Tenue by Sue Brannan Walker (July)
Willow by Neil Leadbeater (August)
Salmon Migrate by Isabel Chenot (August)

Honourable Mention:

Fly Fishing in January by Sharmagne Leland-St. John
Alone Michael Escoubas (February 2019)
Transitions by MaryJo Balestreri (February 2019)
Everything Just As You Left It by Candace Turner (February)
Caroline loves Norman by Ann Howells (February)
After "Dabney's Barbershop" by Judith Valente (February)
Love Song by Karen Loeb (February)
Horoscope by Sharmagne Leland-St. John (February)
Milkweed Trail Candice Armstrong (March)
This Day (Sonnet) by Kay D. Weeks (March)
Kite Flying With My Brother One Sunday Last Spring by Claire Scott (March)
She Keeps Coming Through Doors by Wanda Schubmehl (March)
Simply Vincent by Doris Leuth Stengel (April)
Charles Reynard: Driving William (April)
Rilke's Maid, Leni, at the Little Castle of Schloss Berg by Lois P. Jones
I Stop Writing A Poem Mary Jo Balisteri (May).
The Great Aunts by Hannah Nguyen (May)
Achene of Womb & Sky by Ambika Talwar (May)
Much Has Been Said David Whyte (June)
The Other Fathers by Lyn Lyfshin (June)
Smoot's Bees, Again by BJ Buckley (June)
on my brother's birthday I write of an eagle by Amy Schmitz (June)
Travel is As the Wind by Jane Lang (July)
What the Birds Are Trying to Tell Me by Amy Schmitz (July)
Verismo by Sharmgne Leland-St. John (July)
Mosaico by Judith Tullis (July)
A Pequod Sailor Speaks by Wilda Morris (July)
The Sky a Blank Page by BJ Buckley (September)
Waking Up in Alaska by Michael Escoubas (September)
Bridge Player's Saturday by Tobi Alfier (September)
White Orchids Sharmagne Leland-St. John (October)
Invisible October by Ambika Talwar (October)
Reflections on La Scapigliata by Lois P. Jones (October)
Killing Floor by BJ Buckley (November)
Street Address by Karla Linn Merrifield (November)
Blue Truck by Sharmagne Leland-St. John (November)


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