June 2002 ~Vol. 12

Guest poet Pete Justus returns with a poignant memory of his father.  Pete's
first submission can be found in our archives Volume 2, July 2001
Was It Not Real?
by Pete Justus

David Cale's poignant verse calls from fading memory the blood, death, and
heroism of Juno Beach, June 6, 1944.
Sea of Remembering
by David Cale



A poem written by Sharmagne's father when he was a young man.  In honour of
Father's Day we share it  with you
A Song of Contentment
by Jerome William Leland-St.John



A poem written on the occasion of receiving her first  "cyber rose," then
later dropped onto an original watercolour
A Single Long Stem Rose
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John


An evocation of impermanence and finding - or making - meaning in things,
touched by one another, the world, poems. As Buddhist teacher Dögen wrote:
"We are born in the morning and die in the evening." It's what we have to
work with.
What We Have - to Work With
by David Matthews 


Deborah starts a new trend with her "photo haiku"
by Deborah Russell



Inspired by Deborah Russells Picture Haiku, Sharmagne and Kaila collaborate
once more with,
by Kaila Chan



Sara joins the fun with
By Sara Wadington



Eddie Robey reminds us of how kindness brings happiness.
A Simple Pleasure
by Eddy Robey



How to give a tender smile with
Eddy Robey's


Be the apple of your dad's eye with 
Eddy Robey's
Sour Cream Apple Cake



Graphics by Sara Wadington

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