October issue
~Vol 16~

We welcome Ellen Bass as our guest poet this month with a sampling of three
of her poems and invite you to attend her October poetry readings from 
Philadelphia to Sacramento
After Our Daughter's Wedding


Ellen poetically tells the story In Which a Deer Is Found in a Bubble Bath,
Having Entered the House, Turned on the Faucet, Knocked Over the Bottle, 
and Stepped In—Not Necessarily in That Order--from an account in the Santa Cruz



Ellen Bass laments a 21st Century awareness in beauty--the awareness of what
man has done to it. Is there no longer an idyllic escape in the beauty of nature?  Ellen
makes us wonder
And What if I Spoke of Despair



Peter Justus shares his thoughts about the special month of



Sharmagne Leland-St. John's poignant  tribute to Gary Kennedy's mother
Unconditional Love



Sharmagne shares a poet's dream.



We welcome new subscriber, poet, Alice Elizabeth Thompson as she weighs in
The Lonely Side



Writer/ Actress Bara Byrnes'  tribute to renowned jazz artist Joe Farrel
Here Today . . . Gone Tomorrow



Kevyn Clark says "There is no reasoning in alcoholism.  Half the battle is
recognition; the other half recovery.  Moments of clarity give one time to
distinguish between the two parts and to decide when to begin the fight."
Higher Power



Dusty Wright says this song is a very simple and sparse
folk ballad for guitar and harmonica."  Like Hank Williams, Woody Gutherie,
or Johnny Cash.  Think of "This Land is Your Land"  in the key of "G."
United We Stand



Nic East takes our October Challenge to write a seasonal poem.
Hard Rain



New subscriber Michael McCoy tries his hand at our July Challenge
What Color



In California we have 5 seasons, fire, flood, earthquake, drought and
riot.  Gary Kennedy tells of his experience with the first
Fire Storm 





Liver Paté
From the kitchen of Binnie Kasazkow



Klamath Kumquat and Cranberry Compote
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St.John


Graphics by Sara Wadington


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