A poem about remembrance.  Remembrance of those we loved and those we wanted
to love.
Her Long Red Hair
by Deborah Russell



This poem is taken from Notes to One Who Is Far from Here, a new collection
of poems by David Matthews with drawings by Jim Darlington.
After Reading G's Journal
by David Matthews



In seemingly poignant memory, the poet writes of  Innocence, Coming of Age,
and where they can take us.
Poetry Of Lies
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John



A poem of how it should be, but seldom is, between a father and son.
You Were There When I Won
by Henry Howard




A series of poems for her whose name is identified with Artemis as
goddess of the moon.

The Birth of Venus
For Artemis
The Never-ending Dance
The No Man's Land of Our Love

by Christopher Ingham

Two tantalizing summer deserts made with fresh fruits
Candy Apple Pie
Blueberry Streusel Cake
from the kitchen of:
Aurora  Antonovic


Graphics by Sara Wadington

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