Our August issue arrives celebrating summer.

Guest contributor Neil Aitken with his first offering

Ben Ranny and Lori Williams collaborate

A wistful poem of adoption by Kaila Chan
When did it Happen?

William Brownson continues his fascinating tale of a lost boy
Billy -- Continuation

An insightful article by David Taub
Nations of Unheard Writers

The first contribution from Tyler Joseph Cusick
And Come now, The Dreams

Sharmagne Leland - St John returns with
Strawberry Cordial

Another evocative poem by Chris Ingham
The Ghost of my Past

Marc Power (the LovePoet) submits this moving piece
Forever Bloom

A tale of short-lived joy by Susan Stallings-Dobson
A Wave Goodbye

Merry Katherine Blackwood shares a short but powerful poem
Pagan Dreams

And on to summer food experiences!

Corn is bountiful this time of year, and Eddy Robey shares a variety of recipes
Ways with Corn

Q&P Moral center Kaila Chan offers tasty and cool salad recipes
Refreshing Summer Salads

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