As we welcome the new year we also welcome our first guest poet for 2003 with
by Jelena Andjelkovic



“A man who was pulled out alive 31 hours after the earthquake, and had come
to symbolize hope to a country that has so little, died Tuesday night at a
– from an Associated Press article
Man Pulled From the Earth (El Salvador)
~ for Sergio Moreno

by Neil Aitken



Judith moves through the calendar year with
Haiku-the Four Seasons
by Judith K. Witherow


One cannot capture the soul of a butterfly but Sharmagne comes close with
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John


A Poetic Trilogy by Chris Ingham
He Watched For Her  


She Waited For Him


She Danced For Him




Sara paints a colourful picture with her words in
Crystal Visions
by Sara Wadington


Nic ushers in the New Year with this whimsical little ditty
Party Time
by Nic East



On The Mountain
by Quiet Seagull  




A Persian Lentil Soup
from the kitchen of Sharron Belson



Leek and Potato Soup
A hearty winter fare from France
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St.John


Graphics by Sara Wadington

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