"Forget the huntress bit"
To Diana

by Rhina P. Espaillat


"The words are a name"
by Rhina P. Espaillat



"He reasons with the air"
He Lives on the Landing
by Rhina P. Espaillat



"The birds are surprised"
Remorse In April

by Elisabeth Hallett



"What song from fog lifting"
Angels Drop
by Stephen Mead



"He sang her a song of the rainbow"
Tomorrow Never Knows
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John



"A rainbow halos the misty night"
Part of the Landscape

by Kenneth Gurney



"In response to a vile racist joke"
Hard Working American
by Gabriela Anaya Valdepeņa



What Will It Matter
by Michael Josephson



"A loosened cloak, a kiss upon the cheek"
Of Dawn In Twilight

by Deborah Russell



"Blue smoke wraps my soul"
A Prayer Wrapped In Blue Smoke

by Keith Rabin



Get those Quills out!
May and June Challenge
Please submit poems or short stories about mothers and fathers,
aunts and uncles, and grandparents
who have had great impact on your  life. 
Deadline: for May  is April 15th. 
Deadline: for June is May 15th




by Joseph Farley
review by: Charles P. Ries



A Quill and Parchment find we wanted to share with our readers. 
This site contains anecdotes that pertain to various forms of prosody.
Prosody Anecdotes
compiled by Alberto Rios


Out of the Storms and Darkness
by  Eddy Robey



Kaila shares a custom of her ancient culture.
Enjoy the Dim Sum Experience!
by Kaila Chan


These popular Chinese dumplings are a complement to any Asian cuisine

from the kitchen of Kaila Chan


Accompanied by soy sauce or dipping sauces of your choice this dish will be be a great hit
Shu Mai
from the kitchen of Kaila Chan



Add extra flavor to dim sum dumplings with this dipping sauce
Ginger Dipping Sauce
from the kitchen of Kaila Chan



Easy to make and a favourite at Kaila's Dim Sum table
Chinese Steamed Meatballs
from the kitchen of Kaila Chan



This savory black bean sauce adds a new dimension to spareribs
Pork Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce
from the kitchen of Kaila Chan



A sweet way to end your Dim Sum
Coconut Gelatin Squares
from the kitchen of Kaila Chan



Graphics by Sara Wadington

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