We have all heard of love at first sight but how can one pinpoint the exact
moment when Cupid's arrow hits its mark
My Soul To Keep
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John



Our guest poet for February graces our pages with
Love Letters 
by  DW Stevenson



Deborah shares the beauty of an unsung song
We Can See Tomorrow
by Deborah Russell



Our in-house love poet once again works his magic with
The Valentine Faery
by Marc Power



A piece inspired by a reading of Solomon's Song of Songs
For the First Time~ My Song of Songs
by Christopher  Ingham




Mike enchants us with beauty in moonlight
Her Hair, The Night, My Passion
by Mike McCoy




Eve  reaches to the Eleventh Century in a poem of love and pain
First Love
by Eve Worth




Bobbie Anne rises to our Villanelle challenge with
Lovers' Villanelle
by Bobbie Ann Pimm


The fantasy of a fantasy
By Sara Wadington



Quiet Seagull shows that a poem can linger, hanging on the air
I Will Remember
Oublie?  Jamais!
by Quiet Seagull



Who doesn't remember puppy love and the magic of a
by Eddy Robey


The ecstasy when love and lust are new.
The agony when reality declares it's through.

Play It My Way

Sweet Flowing Memories

My Promise

A trilogy of love poems from Judith K. Witherow


The March Challenge is to write a Triolet.  Let's get out those rusty quills
and give it a try!!

Notes of the Triolet-www.ezboard.com
Poetry workbook-h3-help




This short essay was first published in Sojourner: The Women's Forum in March
1994.  Later permission was given to the University of Wisconsin to reprint
it in their Women's Studies textbook the summer of 1994. Judith says, "I
believe instead of all of the energy being expended trashing others that I
want others to understand what our life is truly like."
Strained Class Windows
by Judith K. Witherow




The Hours
Reviewed by Quiet Seagull



Valentine's Day Menu
from the kosher kitchen of Eddy Robey
Warmth to Share
Easy Fish Bisque and Foolproof Whipping Cream Biscuits
And a sweet for your sweetie
Perfectly Simple Chocolate Mousse (Pareve)




Graphics by Sara Wadington

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